Hamza Hanafi

Hamza Hanafi a 22 year old software engineer graduated in IT from FST Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, Tangier - Morocco.
Currently living in Tangier he's interests range from new technologies to travel and board games, He's type of a person that meet challenges head-on rather than avoid them or hope they go away, his personality is best described with the following words : quiet, humor sense, motivated.

About this web site

I'm the developer of this web site, a place where to find amasing topics, interested in algorithms and new technologies I learn about. Theses are some of the topics I regulary write about. How it's done ? I just downloaded Laravel5 and wanted to try it then I found myself building a portfolio so this web site has been developed as well as ideas comes to my mind.

    • Java EE: Spring - Maven.
    • PHP: symfony3 - laravel5 - phpro.
    • AngularJs - thymeleaf - Twig - blade.
  • databases : MongoDB - MySQL - Oracle.
  • database storage and object mapping : Doctrine2 - hibernate.
  • project management : logical framework approach - problem tree - ITIL.
  • currently learning : artificial intelligence algorithms - Angular2.

I'm passionate about new technologies, I want to join an international company that will make it possible to progress professionally in a team spirit with projects of qualities

My graduate project

I had the opportunity to work on an innovative project, it's about developing a web application that allows to analyze the feelings about a subject on the social networks facebook and twitter. To know more you can download my final report here or you can check the official post here

download my CV